Amelia absolutely loved your show, she said "it was the best birthday party ever!" ..... It was thrilling to see the look on the kids' faces..... wonderful performance..... We will recommend you to anyone..... my now 11 year old son said the best birthday he had ever had was the 6 year old party you did at our place! ..... Holly said the best part of the weekend was 'helping' you do the magic. You made her feel a million dollars!! ..... You managed to keep 18 'active' 9 year old boys memorized for an hour! An amazing feat in itself! ..... It was absolutely brilliant, very funny and you had ALL 25 children totally captivated and amused for the entire show!..... your show was fantastic and every time I think of the kids all screaming and laughing it makes me smile..... great job keeping the attention of the kids despite the big range of 4-11yrs so thank you for making Bethany's 8th birthday party so much fun! ..... thankful I am for such a fantastic entertainment. We received such an overwhelming feedback about the success of your show..... The kids were totally absorbed in the show and loved every minute of the magic! ..... "He was the best Mum, that was my favourite birthday!" ..... You are a fantastic entertainer for all ages. I have some gorgeous photos of the kids in fits of laughter...... The feedback from both the kids and parents alike were that you were fantastic and the best magician they had ever seen. I'm amazed you had the kids entertained the entire time! ..... Paul you almost had me in tears of laughter! It was wonderful to see how my little girl responded to you..... Paul you are a true professional to keep 30 children mesmorised and constantly laughing for one hour.....

Paul’s Workshops


It really is amazing to see kids faces when they can suddenly do a magic trick they could not do minutes earlier.  It is very encouraging and empowering, and they love it.  My magic workshops work well for ages six (6) and above.  A full workshop is 60 minutes.  A 30 minute or a mini 15 minute workshop can be added to show options.  Each participant receives a bag to put their tricks in to take home.


Balloon Twisting workshops have proven to be very popular.  Achieving something they could not do minutes earlier really gets the kids buzzing.  They get to inflate their own balloon (some children are very disappointed if they don’t get to inflate their own balloon as with some workshops) and learn to tie the knot.  This helps empower the participants so when they have finally made a balloon twist they know within themselves, ‘I did it all myself’.  A great feeling.  I bring everything required and the kids take home everything they make.